Doula Family Testimonial


Rachel M.

My husband and I were referred to Darby through St. Luke's Hospital in SF.  The major benefit we received from working with Darby was the knowledge we gained through all our meetings, conversations, emails and texts with her.  She was able to find resources when we had questions and also sent us all her collected resources/articles about a variety of pregnancy, birth and postpartum-related topics.  We also used a lot of the stretches and positions that Darby taught us at the end of my pregnancy and while I was in labor.  I think it made my labor significantly more efficient this time around.

Working with Darby gave me peace of mind about delivering in a hospital.  She was able to explain all the procedures required by hospital protocol so my husband and I could make informed choices at every step of the way.  Although this was my second pregnancy, I was new to the hospital's system and Darby's confidence, skill and experience put me at ease.

Darby values a woman's ability to be empowered through her pregnancy and birth by making informed choices about the kind of birth she wants to have.  This was important to my husband and I since we wanted to have an all natural birth with as little interventions as possible.  Darby fully supported us throughout the pregnancy and helped us navigate how to stay true to our values during different decisions we needed to make along the way.

Also, my husband was much more involved during labor!  I think I can attribute this to Darby's help.  We both felt more comfortable and confident going into this labor because of how we had prepared for it with Darby's assistance.  Also, my husband was able to help me cope with labor pain by using the techniques we were taught by Darby beforehand, which really helped me manage pain naturally.

There are a lot of factors that go into pregnancy and birth so having a guide and coach is the best thing a woman and her partner can do to increase their chances of having the kind of birth they hope for.  Darby has a wealth of knowledge about all things related to pregnancy and birth as well as a calm stable demeanor that is necessary during pregnancy, labor and birth.  Darby is very dedicated and cares deeply for each of her clients and their families and it shows in how she interacts with them.  She is also very timely with responding to questions and works hard to provide the best service possible to those she works with.

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