Doula Family Testimonial


Amber and Patrick

Darby was provided to us through our hospital as a volunteer doula since we are a low income family and were unable to afford the services of one. We weren't sure what to expect, but Darby far exceeded our expectations. She asked great questions upon our first meeting that really got us thinking and informed us. She really took the time to get to know my husband and I, and how we tick, and I felt she customized her services to meet our needs. Learning that I was more of a auditory learner, she sent me many helpful podcasts. She also provided great book recommendations and articles. Anytime we had to make a decision regarding the birth, she provided information so it could be a well informed one. When my desired no medication vaginal birth became a planned cesarean due to our baby being breech, Darby provided valuable emotional support. She is an excellent listener and has an incredibly calming presence. She was with me, along with my husband, during my cesarean, and calmed me once our baby was out, and I anxiously waited for the doctors to examine him before I could have him in my arms. She'd also been there calming my husband before he and she were allowed in the OR. She took beautiful photos in the OR, that I will always cherish. She also talked me through our first breast feeding giving me valuable information that not all the hospital staff were savvy to. A week after the birth Darby met with us at our house, bringing us food and providing more valuable information along with her therapeutic services. She helped me process my experience with the birth, letting me release the fear and sadness brought on by the cesarean, and helping me focus on the beauty and joy. Darby's services were invaluable to us. I believe she truly has a gift for this profession, and I highly recommend her.