Doula Family Testimonial


Amanda R.

Darby was an instrumental positive part of my birthing process with our second child.  She has an incredible amount of knowledge and resources available.  The hospital called me at 3 AM for my induction. I called Darby and she arrived to the hospital at the same time we did.  It was great to have her there while we discussed the options available to us.  With Darby's excellent knowledge, care, and support I was able to deliver without the use of pitocin or pain medication.  During the pushing process, she even sat behind me as a back support.  It was a beautiful birthing process.  I wouldn't change a thing.  She has even remained in contact with is after the birth and sends us additional information about the growth and milestones of our baby.

Thank you so much Darby!  We hope to see you at our 3rd birth.

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