Darby was absolutely wonderful to work with! I can’t say enough how important it was to have her with us during those long hours leading up to the birth of our baby.
— Anastasia S.

Darby has a wealth of knowledge about all things related to pregnancy and birth as well as a calm stable demeanor that is necessary during pregnancy, labor and birth.
— Rachel M.

Darby was an instrumental positive part of my birthing process with our second child. She has even remained in contact with us after the birth, sending us additional information about the growth and milestones of our baby.
— Amanda R.

Amber and Patrick

Darby’s services were invaluable to us. I believe she truly has a gift for this profession, and I highly recommend her.
— Amber and Patrick

Janelle and Sean

I could not have asked for a better support person. I recommend her services to anybody who needs a little extra support during their birth process.
— Janelle and Sean


Thanks to Darby ... I was able to have the natural birth experience I was hoping for and without excessive medical intervention that could have otherwise ended up in a traumatic experience.
— Alma

Ariana and James

During the birth I found her to be very helpful, not only for myself with breathing exercises and counter pressure points but also helpful for my husband who had a partner and team member through the whole experience. 
— Ariana and James

Mayura and Vasu

I can honestly say I don’t think I could have gone ahead with having a natural birth without your help during labor.
— Mayura and Vasu

Kelli and Marc

You were so skillful in providing pain coping techniques as well as ensuring I was comfortable and empowered throughout the entire birthing journey.
— Kelli and Marc