Doula Services
in Palo Alto

Sweetbay Doula is proud to serve in Palo Alto, but also serves the entire San Francisco peninsula area.


Doula Services

Sweetbay Doula is proud to serve the Palo Alto area.  Palo Alsto is home to over 67,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula and 3 hospitals.  Palo Alto is a beautiful place to live, being one of the nicer places to raise a family in the Bay Area.  We are more than happy to serve you at an area hospital or in your home, according to your desired birth plan.


Palo Alto Area Hospitals

Palo Alto is home to three (3) hospitals, including Lucille Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, Sutter Health PAMF Palo Alto Center, and Stanford hospital itself.  The children's hospital is one of the top-ranked hospitals in Northern California.  Sweetbay Doula would love to serve you at any hospital of your choice.


Home Births

You don't need to have your birth in a Redwood City hospital for Sweetbay Doula to benefit you.  Home births statistically have a much lower rate of intervention versus hospital births - as low as ~5%.  We'd be more than happy to accommodate your birth plan, either in your home or in your preferred hospital.

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