Breech Birth Consultation

After 30 weeks babies are expected to be head down and bottom up.  However, in approximately 3-4% of full term (weeks 37-42) babies this positioning is inverted.  There are four different scenarios in which this can occur: “frank” or buttocks first;
“complete” or legs folded close to the buttocks; “footling” where one or more feet is coming into the pelvis first; or kneeling.  If these positions are suspected or have been determined by a medical provider (obstetrics gynecologist or midwife) there are several things that the birthing individual can do that may encourage the baby to turn around, somersault or switch back to the ideal heads down position.  These techniques have been taught through Spinning Babies, which was started by Gail Tully with her 30 years experience in birth.  Gail and others have been teaching birth professionals these techniques for years now and J. Darby Morris is trained in these techniques.



The breech birth consultation is a one hour in person meeting in which Sweetbay Doula teaches techniques used by Spinning Babies.  During this hour we will also discuss other techniques that could be used to turn babies from breech and a discussion of External Cephalic Versions often conducted by OBGYNs in the area.

Price: $60