Birth Doula Services

As a birth doula and member of DONA (Doulas of North America), it is my job to accompany you in labor, suggest comfort measures, provide emotional, physical and partner support and advocate for your wishes as laid out in the birth plan or prenatal conversations.  It is also my job to advocate for your wishes by mediating, negotiating and encouraging you to ask questions and express your own preferences and concerns to care providers.  Should changes in the plan occur it is my job to assist you in incorporating such changes into your plan and enhance communication between you and care providers.  It is also my job to provide prenatal and postpartum emotional support, including explanation of practices and procedures and assistance in acquiring the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.


Busting Doula Myths

Doulas are different from midwives and others on the medical team.  The doula's job is not to take over for the partner but instead to assist the partner in performing their absolute best for the situation.  This chart shows the differences between all these individuals.

Many believe doulas only provide services to families who are hoping for unmedicated vaginal breech births.  In fact, there is a lot that we can do for all birthing individuals.  The following testimonial and attached image is from a client who did everything they could to turn their breech baby around.  Unfortunately their little one was unable to turn and they were left with a planned cesarean birth.

Darby is an excellent listener and has an incredibly calming presence. She was with me, along with my husband, during my cesarean, and calmed me once our baby was out, and I anxiously waited for the doctors to examine him before I could have him in my arms. She’d also been there calming my husband before he and she were allowed in the OR. She took beautiful photos in the OR, that I will always cherish. She also talked me through our first breast feeding giving me valuable information that not all the hospital staff were savvy to. A week after the birth Darby met with us at our house, bringing us food and providing more valuable information along with her therapeutic services. She helped me process my experience with the birth, letting me release the fear and sadness brought on by the cesarean, and helping me focus on the beauty and joy. Darby’s services were invaluable to us. I believe she truly has a gift for this profession, and I highly recommend her.
— Amber and Patrick Engler

Services Not Provided by Sweetbay Doula

  1. Provide, diagnose, interpret, treat, administer or perform anything clinical or medical.  In this regard, Sweetbay Doula does not attend intentionally unassisted births.
  2. Make decisions or speak for the birthing individual or stand in the way of other members of the individual team.
  3. Promote our ideas and intentions for the birth over those of the birthing individual.
  4. Provide other modalities under the pretext of a doula.  For example, Sweetbay Doula's breech position consultation are not doula services, they are external.
  5. Guarantee a specific outcome.  Sweetbay Doula can not promise everything will go the way the birthing individual planned.

For more information see DONA's Standards of Practice.



Birth Doula Package

The Sweetbay Birth Doula Package includes the following

  • One Free Interview
  • 24/7 Text and Email support from the time the contract has been signed till after the birth
  • Two Prenatal Visits
  • On Call Starting Two Weeks Prior to the Estimated Due Date
  • Presence at the Birth and An Hour and a Half After Birth
  • Postpartum Visit

Price: $1000