Basic Birth Doula Package

The Basic Sweetbay Doula Package includes the following:

  • Introductory consultation interview

  • 24/7 text and e-mail support (through the 4th trimester)

  • Two prenatal visits

  • Creation of birth and postpartum plans

  • Learn comfort measures & Spinning Babies exercises

  • Help you find the right pediatrician & care provider

  • Access to curated community resources

  • On-call 24/7 starting two weeks prior to the estimated due date

  • Support for the whole family

  • Presence at the birth and assistance with initial breastfeeding

  • Postpartum visit at your home to assess, give referrals, and process your family's birth

Price:  $1,500

Personalized Advice Program

Excellent option for anyone that's not sure if they want a full doula package, but still wants to have someone to rely on.

  • Available to anyone in the United States

  • Prenatal or postpartum (from pregnancy testing through birth or up to at least 18 months old)

  • Personalized information sent directly to you.

  • Learn about any topic, including feeding, sleeping, child development, position of baby, sex, prenatal bonding, fear, coping, myths, pains, and more.

Introductory Price:  $175 (a value of $200)


Personalized Coaching Program

All of the benefits of the Advice Program, plus:

  • Receive direct access to an experienced doula to discuss any of the above topics and more.

Introductory Price:  $275 (a value of $300)

Breech Birth Consultation

The breech birth consultation is a one hour in-person meeting in which Sweetbay Doula teaches techniques used by Spinning Babies.  

During this hour we will also discuss other techniques that could be used to turn babies from breech and a discussion of External Cephalic Versions often conducted by OBGYN's in the area.

Price:  $100

Deluxe Birth Doula Package

The Deluxe Sweetbay Birth Doula Package includes the following:

  • Everything from the Basic Birth Doula Package

  • Two childbirth preparation education classes*

* We walk you through the entire birthing process, helping you to know all of the decisions that you'll need to make prenatally, during labor and delivery and postpartum.

Price:  Coming Soon!

Don't see what you want, or do you want something custom?  Please contact us.

Services Not Provided by Sweetbay Doula

  1. Provide, diagnose, interpret, treat, administer or perform anything clinical or medical. In this regard, Sweetbay Doula does not attend intentionally unassisted births.

  2. Make decisions or speak for the birthing individual or stand in the way of other members of the individual team.

  3. Promote our ideas and intentions for the birth over those of the birthing individual.

  4. Provide other modalities under the pretext of a doula. For example, Darby has a different certification (Spinning Babies) for the breech position consultation she provides external from the DONA birth doula certification she is working towards.

  5. Guarantee a specific outcome. Sweetbay Doula can not promise everything will go the way the birthing individual planned.

For more information see DONA's Standards of Practice.