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Busting Myths: Breastfeeding is Natural, so why do I need help

"Breastfeeding is natural so I don't need to learn anything about it, it should be easy.  There will be a lot of experts around me postpartum so they can help me if I do need anything: my pediatrician, my OBGYN, the nurses at the hospital, and my (family member / friend)."  This seems to be what the majority of first time parents think about breastfeeding.  Unfortunately, as many parents who have already had children will attest to, there are many flaws with this thinking that people often don't realize.

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The Golden Hour of Breastfeeding

One of the first things that comes up once a baby is born is how and when to get them to start breastfeeding.  The first hour of the baby's life has been nicknamed The Golden Hour and is an absolutely beautiful process that a newborn naturally goes through in order to initiate breastfeeding.  This blog post will discuss the Golden Hour and some of its benefits.

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