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You’re like a Midwife … You help with Natural Birth, Right?

This is the statement I most often hear when introducing myself.  My response is: Well … not really, no.  So what exactly is a birth doula?  I recently conducted an interview with Dreaming of Baby in which I answered this question.  In this blog post I wish to go over some more aspects of being a doula than those that I mentioned in the interview.

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Myths of TV shows and Movie Births

It is a rare occurrence to see a birth in person here in the United States and when we do see a birth it is most often in a TV show or a movie.  Unsurprisingly, Hollywood’s interpretation of birth is not accurate to real life.  So this leaves the question what is different between a typical Hollywood birth and a typical “real life” birth?  What are the signs of labor in a Hollywood birth? 

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