New Personalized Advice Program


Ever wanted the advice of a doula without having someone at your birth?  Or have you enjoyed following my blog but are nowhere near the Bay Area?  I moved to California in November of 2016 and attended my first birth almost exactly a year ago on May 1st, 2017.  Ever since, I’ve been sending information to my birth doula clients both prenatally and postpartum.  I’ve also had several good friends give birth (and have a few friends who are currently pregnant) in other parts of the country: Chicago, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, etc.  I’ve offered to send these friends the same advice I send to my birth doula clients.  Therefore I have decided to add a new service to my website, the Personalized Advice Program.

This program is a series of emails sent either prenatally or postpartum starting whenever you decide to purchase the program.  With either program you can let me know how you learn best.  As you may have been able to tell from my blog posts thus far, I’m extremely interested in education.  I’m actually planning to take the Lamaze exam to become a childbirth educator this Thursday.  There are a lot of ways in which I learn: reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and attending events are the top ways I personally learn.  Therefore I have advice in each of these different categories.  I have put some up on my website already, but this program will give you even more information in each of these categories.  If you tell me how you learn I will be sure to focus on sending you information along those lines.  One of my former clients already commented about this in her testimonial: “Learning that I was more of a auditory learner, she sent me many helpful podcasts. She also provided great book recommendations and articles. Anytime we had to make a decision regarding the birth, she provided information so it could be a well informed one.”  If you feel events and classes are the best way for you to learn I will do my best to find such things in your local area, no matter where you live.

In general this advice will include information about sex and intimacy, coping techniques, bonding with your baby, your baby’s development, sleeping, exercise and working.  Prenatally I can send you advice on how you can find a good care provider for you, questions you should ask your care provider at certain times in your pregnancy, advice on your baby registry, what you should be spending your time doing, how to cope with potential pains in your body, how to prepare for baby, and things you should know about all the potential interventions and pain medications.  Postpartum information will include breast and bottle-feeding as well as advice on starting solid foods and allergies, potty training, changes your body may be experiencing and what to do about them, babyproofing, and developmental books to read to your child.

I really look forward to connecting with all of you around the nation through this new Personalized Advice Program.

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