What Makes Darby Different?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, you have many choices.  Here are only a few reasons why you should consider contacting Darby.

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Multi-Lingual Anthropologist

Darby Morris came to being a doula on a rather roundabout path.  She lived and worked in India and China as a cultural anthropologist and English teacher for several years before finding the birth world.  During this time she learned Hindi, Spanish and Mandarin, the later two she now uses in her work as a doula.

Darby Morris, Founder & Owner, Sweetbay Doula - Teaching a Lamaze class

Education-First Approach

Sweetbay Doula approaches your doula experience from an education-first perspective.  Your doula should come to you with the most information possible, able to provide you with the best-informed decisions and resources.

Darby ensures that she continues to regularly attend seminars, conferences, training, and various courses related to your birthing needs.  Her two masters degrees and still in progress PhD have trained her as a qualitative researcher, easily able to weed out the information that does not have a lot of scientific proof from that which does.  As a result, you'll always be benefiting the best and most current information and resources available.

LGBT Doula

As a pansexual cis-woman having a parent with disabilities, Darby is extremely open to working with anyone and everyone.  Learn more about why it's important to have a LGBT doula if it meets your needs.

No Sexual Hangups

Some doulas balk at the idea of discussing sex with their clients.  Darby thinks it's an important step in the process.  Not only is it how you got pregnant in the first place, but it has a large role to play in the birth of your child and the type of family your child has.  Darby is happy to avoid the topic if that makes you more comfortable, but please feel free to be comfortable discussing any sexual concerns you'd like.

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