Doula Availability

At Sweetbay Doula we know that it's important to you to choose a doula who is available for your labor and birth.


Areas of Service

We serve the San Francisco Peninsula area, from San Francisco to Palo Alto and everything in between.

Time of Day

We know how important your special day is to you.  Please rest easy knowing that when the time comes, we'll be there, no matter what time of day it is.

Back-up Doulas

At Sweetbay Doula we prefer never to take on a single client without having a back-up doula scheduled for that client.  Back-up doulas are used in the following situations: if Darby is sick, has a family emergency, needed at the birth longer than 20 hours, or is out of town and has already discussed her plans with you prior to signing the contract.  Sweetbay Doula can work with your ideal back-up or we have a network of doulas that are trusted for this exact situation. 

General Availability

Please feel free to use the calendar below to instantly see if I'm available during your expected due date.